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This firm have studied steadily to do localization and develop plastic media that depend on meantime. As a result, succeeded in localization and is exported in contrary to the American market who is main Importing country.
Now, this firm began market reclamation and receive persistent order to the van foreign countries as well as the United States of America. Together, our company informs advanced technology that need in surface treatment of alloy kind such as aluminum, plastic, magnesium in domestic, because is thirsty in a new technology, We will try to live up to in doing customer's expectation.
On the other hand, We are wished to recognize as "Productivity and quality of product" that can not compare with other firm because differential with food, medicine, medicinal herbs, wood flour provides accumulative know-how of only this firm in every necessary field of industry as for this firm with a pulverizer manufacture technology that is source of this technology.
Consult with our company anything about surface treatment and pulverizer.
Will consult cordially Sacred Heart and solve agony of customers.

Seeing is Believe !

Kpr co., Ltd. employee all