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It is abrasives of fast and economical and safe method that remove burr at parts and product production, wild surface, flash and various pollutants efficiently in increasing metal, nonferrous metal, electricity electron, ceramics, rubber, vessel, car and each field of industry such as aircraft that see that this firm develops.
Also, will not give original special quality of target quality of the material or dimensional change of detailed product and reduction, damage of surface and may contribute by economical efficiency such as mass production and cost of production decrease and elegant quality of goods and uniformization of product using at before and behind processing process of product.

Uses method is soft instead of using similar and strong projection material with Sand Blast or Shot Blast and recycling number of times is used by low pressure of 14-40 PSI by a lot of plastic abrasiveses.

Called this plastic abrasives improves grace of your company product and add refinement Watch of the product by fast and economical and safe method in difference of noxious chemical Stripper and manual processing etc. to blasting site that environmental pollution does not exist entirely by avirulent 'Plastic grit'.

There is POLYAMIDE MEDIA, POLYCARBONATE MEDIA, CRYOGENIC MEDIA, MELAMINE MEDIA, UREA MEDIA, CORN STARCH, WHEAT STARCH etc. by several products that this firm develops and produces. This plastic abrasives paint, powder coating, sealants, time of rough surface (burrs), dust, soot etc. to projecting data used to very quick exclusion and also undercoating (primer) that is painting is surface treatment to do very excellently into inexpensive every industries of after get salted in processing.